Sunday, February 7, 2021

GYGAX 75 Challenge; REDUX: Week 5

Find Week 4 here


Week 5 is all about filling out the campaign world by listing mysterious locales, deities, mythical treasures and more. Most of the tasks are dedicated to this but only require you to do three. I'll instead pick out the most interesting tasks to me and then that'll be pretty much it for my run of the Gygax 75 Challenge. It was really fun and got my mind off shitty pandemic life and Trumps shit attempt at a insurrection. I'm gonna keep working on this world and I'm probably gonna test run with my SO and child and hopefully with the old gaming group after the pandemic. I'll write up some session reports if/when I do. Anyways on to the tasks!


Develop a Pantheon and Powers
I want this campaign world to have numerous strange gods with each settlement having their own deities and religious practices. I have this vague idea of a Sun Worshiping Cult* in the beginning stages of becoming a global religion, maybe, if they can put down all the other rival cults. Then this Sun Cult is going around proselytizing and perhaps slaying (burning?) heretics and rival cults.

In my Week 4 I already started this practice by showing the great river spirit Undine and one of the blessings she bestows upon the town. Also want to throw in some Saints of various aspects, like a Saint for Murderers, Assassins and Eccentric Musicians called St. Emil

*Yawn, I know done to death BUT it's something that I want to try out.

Develop a Rival Adventuring Party or Mercenary Band
St. Emil's Regulars are a band of music hunters seeking out rare sheets for their god, The Red Musician. Their leader Ri-Kas is the 41st apostle of St. Emil and 5th level Cleric.

Create Events and Rumors from other lands the characters might hear. 
  • The Praetorians have been seen in the mainland's coast ransacking villages and taking slaves.
  • A red dragon has been rampaging and causing mayhem down south. 
  • A red star fell from the sky and landed somewhere west near the village of  Piurn. Bad luck for them.
  • The White Sun's Zenith approaches and the City State of Dis prepares it's grand festivals.

Create more major magical relics of the world and short history, including where they were last seen and who/what owned them.
  • The Sinister Hymn of Fiends is a piece of sheet music written by a forgotten devil. Those who listen to it to completion and survive gain a fiend's strength. Last seen at the Monastery where St. Emil ascended to godhood. Some say Emil himself heard the Hymn and ascended but for other's this is blasphemy. 
  • CHIME [As seen here] is a dwarven forged bident tuning fork used to slay Dragons. It's current rumored location is in the Tower of Ivory Stoops in the Praetorian Empire of Birdosa.
  • The Seven Orbs of Zulan, basically a Dragon ball rip off. Have to find all seven orbs that are scattered all over the world to get a wish. 

And that's it! I'm super proud of myself for finishing this challenge and I hope any readers out there were as entertained as I was. Stick around as I go back and finish some of the extra credits and flesh out the campaign world even further.

Thanks for reading and see you next time.

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