Friday, May 28, 2021

The Berserker Armor [RIP Kentaro Miura]

The Berserker Armor [PLATE +1]
"May we run rampant with hatred and wild joy just to crush with these fangs the true light that burns us." – The Beast of Darkness

Those who don the Berserker armor experience the following:
  • The armor circumvents their bodies natural limiters, allowing them to exude terrible strength and speed [STR & DEX become 18 in combat].
  • Damage Reduction 1 as the armor allows the wearer to ignore the pain from injuries. 
  • If an attack would reduce the wearer's HP to 0 or less, roll 1d8+1 and you gain that much temporary HP as the armor inserts metal rods to bind and mend the body to keep the wearer fighting. Each round afterwards you lose 1hp from blood loss and the armor's insertions, if the wearer's HP would become 0 due to the armor, the wearer dies.
  • Once the wearer's HP has been reduced to 0 or less the armor's Berserker Rage activates; only melee attacks can be made and are rolled with advantage, all melee damage is doubled, and finally the armor begins to take the shape of a beast of the player's choice and the wearer can no longer differentiate between friend or foe, all within melee range are attacked. 
  • The wearer may attempt to end the Berserker's Rage at anytime by making a CHA check, however doing so before combat ends costs 1 permanent point of Charisma. A pass means the Berserker Rage effect ends. A failure means you lose 1 permanent point of Charisma and become temporally consumed by The Beast of Darkness; i.e losing control off the character for a number of turns equal to your CHA score. Only a sleep spell or death will end the Beast's rampage.
  • If the wearer's CHA becomes 0 the The Beast of Darkness consumes the wearer's mind and exerts control over the body permanently (becoming a NPC that seeks to cause as much chaos and destruction as possible).
  • Once combat is over the wearer loses all temporary HP gained and their HP becomes 1 + CON MOD (min 1) and must rest for at least a turn before continuing with the adventure. After the current adventure ends the wearer must rest for a minimum number of days equal to their CON score.
[Referee Notes: To me the CHA score has always represented force of personality or "spirit/soul and seems a good sub for Berserk's Ode].

The passing of Berserk's creator Kentaro Miura was the first time that I felt a personal sense of loss for someone that wasn't family or friend. I started reading Berserk when I was 16, I'm turning 32 this year, literally half my life. I can say with no exaggeration that Berserk gave me my love of manga and dark fantasy. The above magic item is my small homage to Miura, thank you for everything, and rest in peace.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

Megadungeon Dreams

Megadungeon like dis.

During the pandemic I've become obsessed with running a "traditional" vanilla d&d campaign. And one facet of that I've really wanted to try was creating a Megadungeon. I've journeyed down the blog rabbit-hole about megadungeons' (especially this page) and have started jotting down some of the things I would want to see in a google doc. Thought I should share some of what I have and maybe I'll even chronicle my megadungeon journey on my blog here, from inception to play. 

Megadungeon Slush Idea Pile [VERY ROUGH]

  • "reverse skyscrapper shaped" The dungeon is modern-esque but still fantasy, maybe shaped like hive from the Resident Evil movie. Has rusted pipes and furnaces, very rusted ala Silent Hill's otherworld. Very Mythic Underworld and weird. 
  • DRAGONS on random encounter roll “2”. [Stolen from Papers & Pencils blog]
  • LOTS ‘o’ Undead.
  • Dungeon Worshipers/Cultists
  • Dungeon Gnomes: Repair’s the dungeon, made of clay & fueled by miasma
  • Dungeon Fruit: Bestows dungeon blessing (see in dark, open stuck doors, etc) must make a save vs spells or become charmed by the dungeon. Cultivated by the Crass Clown.
  • Dungeon Miasma
  • Dungeon’s Curse: Those who die in the dungeon become an undead in 2d6 turns. A bless spell permanently prevents the corpse from rising.
  • Rival Adventuring Parties [Alignment Matters]
  • The Crass Clown serves as the dungeon’s custodian. The Crass Clown goes about the dungeon removing adventurer’s corpses, resets traps and places treasure. 6 hands, two of which (“hand-feet”) maneuvers the creaky unicycle that is his lower half. Wears the Crown of Gambles (Crown with d6 shaped gems), wields a Bubblegum Laser Gun (shoots bubble made of gum).
  • Floor Demons [Bosses] that match level/section theme.
  • Mad M-U’s.
  • Hall Of Doors, Section with a ton of doors.
  • Insect Level/section
  • Comically large pile of shit with 2000 copper coins painted gold within
  • Golems
  • Mortician’s Hide-away. Resurrection possibility, worship God of Death.
  • Gallery of Faces [That creepy face room from FF9] Can ask 1 question about the dungeon and the faces will answer truthfully. Requires tribute (a face?).
  • Great Fairy Rooms [Huge weird naked woman ala Legend of Zelda].
  • Madfolk/Vagrants [Upper floors only]

I'll probably come back and upgrade this went I have more ideas. 

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Dungeon Idea & Blog Highlight

Heaven but it's a dungeon?

Holy smokes! April is almost over and I haven't posted jackshit. So much for once a week...

Anyways. Looks like I'll be able to start running games IRL soon again, my family and I were lucky enough to be to get fully vaccinated early-thank god.

As for the campaign prep; I keep drawing campaign maps and tossing them. I don't know why, they look cool but I just hate them for some reason. I think I might just go the minimalist route and grab a free dungeon off the internet and run a b/x (ose) campaign "off the cuff". What I'll probably end up doing is cram-prep like a day or 2 before the actual game date, as I usually do lol. 

I found a blog called I Cast Light!  and really enjoyed their post about encumbrance and sins. Especially because a couple of years ago when I was deep into LotFP stuff I had a similar idea for a (mega?)dungeon set in heaven that utilized sins as encumbrance. The characters (17th century ruffians) would stumble upon a stair to Heaven during their travels, maybe after finding a mass grave or something. The floors of paradise would be made of stained glass and as the characters explore they naturally gain treasure and sins (literal encumbrance/weight of guilt) which causes the glass to crack beneath their feet. Too much treasure or sins and they fall through the glass to their doom. I might actually make this since I had forgotten about it until I read the blog I wrote about above.

What do you think? Dumb idea or great?